KemKey™ Couplings

Through the use of different shapes, colors, and markings, KemKey™ couplings, when used with an acceptable safety process, will make the chance of chemical cross-contamination during transfers virtually impossible.

KemKey™ fittings are made of polypropylene or PVDF (Kynar) with 30% fiberglass. When customers are verifying chemical compatibility please refer to polypropylene or PVDF compatibility. The current available sizes are 1” and 2” NPT female thread fittings.

KemKey™ couplings are shaped and colored so that each class of hazardous chemicals has its own shape/color.

  • Acids – hexagon /  orange or red
  • Bases – square / blue
  • Reducing agents – heptagon (7 sides) / green
  • Oxidizers – pentagon / yellow
  • Poisons (biocides, herbicides, pesticides, etc.)– nonagons (9 sided); / purple
  • Non-hazardous – oval / teal