DOT Certified Lab

When it comes to testing your hazmat packaging, you need a DOT certified lab you can trust to get the job done effectively and in a timely manner. Certifying shipping packaging safe for transporting dangerous materials can entail some intricate details and requirements. At Sherman Roto Tank, our professional team of engineers and technicians will work with you to explain every detail and walk you through the certification process to ensure things go smoothly every step of the way.

  • 28-Day stack test

  • Drop testing

  • Static or dynamic compression

  • Repetitive shock

  • Vibration testing

  • Compatibility

  • Aging

  • Cobb

  • Package integrity testing

  • Package strength testing

  • Hydrostatic pressure test / Internal pressure test

  • IBC testing

  • Vacuum leak testing

  • Leakproof stress tests

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Our IBC Reconditioning Program

The Sherman Roto Tank, LLC Reconditioning Program provides an IBC reconditioning service to its customers giving your IBCs more life, while lightening your impact on the environment. Once you enroll in our Reconditioning Program, we will collect empty, cleaned IBCs transport them to a reconditioning facility where they will be inspected, retrofitted, repaired (if possible), and tested maximizing the longevity of your IBCs.

Our Reconditioning Program includes:

  • Collection of empty packaging
  • Laundry service of packaging, including rebottling, washing, and furnace oxidation

  • Drying and testing of packaging
  • Any minor IBC repair
  • Returning packaging to customer
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Our Sustainability Program

Our Sustainability Program allows you to safely, cost-effectively, and legally dispose of your end-of-life chemical tanks and IBCs that are currently taking up valuable space. Once containers have been cleaned, dried, and free of any chemical residue, we can collect and safely dispose of them, ensuring they don’t end up in a landfill. For any of the plastic we take in, we can provide a certificate of destruction.

We accept tanks and containments whole and DO NOT require them to be cut up.

Our Sustainability Program includes:

  • Collection of cleaned, dried, and chemical-free tanks

  • Safe and legal tank disposal

  • Certificate of destruction

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Custom Design & Projects

Our design team has the expertise to meet this challenge head on and produce even complex items to the most exacting specifications.

Do you have an Idea? How do we help you get it to Market?

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Rotational molding uses high-temperature and low- to no-pressure to form and produce usually hollow items from plastic resins; typically polyethylene. Product molds filled with the resins are heated and then rotated slowly along both horizontal and vertical axes to disperse the molten plastic through the mold in the desired form and thickness, including varying thicknesses when required. Rotation continues during cooling to maintain the finished products integrity.

Our electronic control systems monitor the molding process and adjust rotational velocity and the rate of heating and cooling to ensure each piece is produced to the required specification.

We will custom build the molds used in your process to specifications you provide or design them from scratch to meet your needs.

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We provide metal and plastic welding for up-fitting tanks to fixtures and support structures. Our techniques allow for a wide variety of joining and assembly options.

Whether and how your product will be subject to welding is addressed during design in an effort to minimize the required steps and through this the cost.

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