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At Sherman Roto Tank, we understand that your competitive advantage is driven by your ability to quickly adapt to the changes in our industry.

Whether you are an Oil & Gas Operator, a Chemical Company, an Integrator/Distributor, or a Manufacturing Company requiring custom roto-molding services you need dedicated partners who will support your growth by providing fresh solutions to your everyday problems.

That is why we are committed to rapidly delivering innovative chemical packaging and custom roto-mold solutions allowing you to focus on growing your bottomline.

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Sherman-Tank Product Categories

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Meet The Sherman-Tank Stackable Workhorse IBC

Built Strong, to Last Long

The Sherman-Tank Stackable Workhorse intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are uniquely designed and manufactured with safety and longevity in mind.

  • Manufactured using a single parting line to minimize points of failure
  • 10 year life expectancy with a life-cycle of 40+ trips
  • Designed and UN tested to handle 95% of all chemical ladings. All units UN D.O.T certified to Y1.9/100
Sherman Stackable IBC - The Stackable Workhorse

In the face of mounting environmental concerns and the urgent need for sustainable practices, businesses worldwide are rethinking their operational strategies. The traditional linear “take-make-dispose” model, which has been the backbone of global commerce for centuries, is increasingly seen as unsustainable. This model, characterized by a one-way flow of resources and a high rate of waste,

From a Linear to Circular Business Model: The Next Big Shift in the Chemical Industry

Chemical distributors are facing an ever-growing list of challenges and changes that have the potential to impact the industry significantly. From supply chain shortages, surging natural gas prices, increasing labor costs, and ever-changing environment standards, chemical manufacturers and distributors need to adjust their game plans to ensure future success. While many expect the US chemical industry

4 Ways Chemical Distributors Can Succeed in the Face of Global Uncertainty

There was much talk at the start of 2022 of an impending worldwide DEF shortage that has the potential to severely add to the challenges already facing today’s supply chain. DEF prices began to skyrocket in September 2021. The main reason for the steady price hikes is primarily due to the rising cost of urea, an essential component of DEF fluid.

The DEF Shortage Debate – As Prices Rise will the DEF Supply Remain Steady

Protecting Your Workers, Environment, and Chemistries

Chemical packaging, tanks, pumps, and fittings are put to the test by chemicals every day in industrial and oilfield settings. And when they fail it can seriously impact worker safety, the environment, and your bottom line.

We are committed to delivering sustainable, environmentally friendly products and services that increase worker safety while improving chemical efficacy.

  • Sustainability and Reconditioning Programs
  • Barrier Enhanced & Closed Loop Systems
  • Emission Reductions
  • Accurate Proof of Delivery, Asset Tracking, & Usage Data
  • Smart Contracts & Block-Chain Billing Solutions
  • Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Looking for a Solution to a Custom Roto-Mold Project?

Our design team has the expertise to meet this challenge head on and produce even complex items to the most exacting specifications.

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