February 7

The Sherman Sustainability Program

Sherman Roto-Tank

February 7, 2022

Our Sustainability Program allows you to safely, cost-effectively, and legally dispose of your end-of-life chemical tanks and IBCs that are currently taking up valuable space while ensuring they don't end up in a landfill.

About the Sherman Sustainability Program

Sherman Roto Tank, LLC Sustainability Program provides an IBC and Tank collection service to its customers as an accommodation without warranty or guarantee as to its completeness. The User is responsible for adherence to all requirements of EPA and DOT regulations as outlined below. Only RCRA empty tanks and IBCs will be accepted for reprocessing or recycling.

Certificate of Destruction

For any of the plastic we take in, we can provide a certificate of destruction. This certificate of destruction does not outline what the plastic will become, but it ensures the plastic will not be landfilled.

Program Requirements

In a broad scope, we prefer HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS. We WILL NOT take ABS, PVC, or any thermoset plastics (including Cross Linked HDPE). Specific to this plastic source we DO NOT require containers to be triple rinsed, unless required by 40 CFR 261.7.

  • We require that they be dry and free of residue
  • We WILL NOT take ABS, PVC, or any thermoset plastics (including Cross Linked HDPE)
  • No Packing Group I chemicals, Organic peroxides, explosives, radioactive, infectious substance, poison by inhalation, or other chemicals deemed by SRT or the reprocessors and recyclers as hazardous, noxious, or irritating will be allowed.
  • Any SDS that can be provided is appreciated but not a requirement.
  • We accept tanks and containments whole and DO NOT require them to be cut up.

Acceptable Tank Examples

The following are examples of tanks are are acceptable per the program requirements.

St Sustainability 01
St Sustainability 02
St Sustainability 03
St Sustainability 04
St Sustainability 05
St Sustainability 06

Unacceptable Tank Examples

The following are examples of tanks are are NOT acceptable per the program requirements.

St Sustainability 07
St Sustainability 08

Get Started

To get started, download the Tank Collection Form. 

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Innovative Chemical Packaging Solutions

At Sherman Roto Tank, we understand that your competitive advantage is driven by your ability to adapt to our industry and marketplace changes quickly. That is why we are committed to rapidly delivering innovative chemical packaging solutions allowing you to focus on growing your bottom line.

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Environmental, Social, &Governance (ESG)

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Sustainability & Reconditioning Programs

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Smart Contracts & Block-Chain Billing Solutions

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Closed Loops Systems

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Asset Tracking & Traceability

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Accurate Proof of Delivery & Usage Data

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Emission Reductions

Closed Tank Systems

Sherman's Closed Tank Systems provide a controlled and managed approach to chemical packaging and transfer that increases delivery efficiencies, maximizes product integrity and yield, while reducing risk and liability.

IBC Reconditioning Program

The Sherman Roto Tank, LLC Reconditioning Program provides an IBC reconditioning service to its customers giving your IBCs more life, while lightening your impact on the environment and maximizing the longevity of your IBCs.

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