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Whether you are an Oil & Gas Operator, a Chemical Company, an Integrator/Distributor, or a Manufacturing Company requiring custom roto-molding services you need innovative partners who will help support your growth by providing creative solutions to your everyday problems.

At Sherman Roto Tank we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver fresh new approaches to our roto-tank product line resulting in:

  • Better well performance
  • Better chemical performance
  • More accurate budgeting
  • Better insight into critical metrics and KPI’s
  • Reduced headcount for operators/chemical companies
  • Reduced emissions
  • Quicker product performance calculations & recommendations
  • Reduced road exposure
  • Reduction of exposure in field of non-operator employees

Our General Use Philosophy®

Tanks, Pumps and fittings are put to the test by chemicals every day in oilfield and industrial settings and when they fail it impacts your bottom line. Our General Use Philosophy® takes these realities into consideration. We at Sherman Roto Tank LLC. consider components to be general use if “generally” chemical inert component are used such as our proprietary Barrier Enhanced Tanks™, 316 Stainless Steel, PTFE, Teflon and perfluoropolymer.

We strongly believe that helping our customers achieve realistic expectations of equipment is responsible business. The unfortunate reality is that over time all components will eventually breakdown, and our engineers understand the sum of everything is ultimately zero. Therefore, we developed our General Use Philosophy® with the goal of prolonging the life of your equipment.

Ready to find out if our General Use Philosophy® products & accessories are right for you?

  • Product Integrity Kits

  • Barrier Enhanced Tanks

  • Why Modularity


Why Product Integrity Kits™

Sherman Roto Tank has taken the approach of building chemical packaging that ensures chemical product integrity. Simply put, the packaging and accessories work to create a safe, closed environment for the stored chemical that mitigates fallout.

In many situations, simply using low pressure accessories designed for plastic totes and closing off the environment will help achieve better product integrity.

In addition to our line of products designed to ensure integrity, Sherman Roto Tank has adopted a holistic “product integrity” philosophy. We understand that not all tanks and accessories are an ideal setup for certain chemistries (see chemical resistance rates). Our team will work with you to ensure the right combination of products for your specific use case – minimizing your risk of potential field issues and maximizing your bottom line.

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