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Helping Improve Operational Efficiency One Tank at a Time

As a leading innovator in the Oil & Gas sector, Sherman Roto Tank brings a new dimension to chemical injection tanks with our custom rotational molding services. We don't just produce tanks – we provide comprehensive solutions to complex industry problems.

Maximizing Durability & Performance

Sherman Roto Tank's Commitment to Prolonging Your Equipment Lifespan

Tanks, Pumps and fittings are put to the test by chemicals and environmental elements every day in oilfield and industrial settings, and when these components fail it can seriously impact your bottom line.

At Sherman Roto Tank, we take these realities into consideration and firmly believe that helping our customers achieve realistic expectations of their equipment is responsible business. Our goal is to prolong the life of your equipment and give you the best return on your investment by helping you select the right products for your specific needs and environment.

Product Kits for the Oil & Gas Industry

Your Partner for Efficient and Adaptable Solutions

At Sherman Roto Tank, we understand the unique, evolving demands of the Oil & Gas industry. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing innovative, flexible solutions that go beyond conventional offerings. Our range of specialized kits are designed with a deep understanding of industry challenges and a commitment to improving operational efficiency, longevity, and adaptability.

  • Product Integrity Kits

  • Barrier Enhanced Tanks

  • Why Modularity


Why Product Integrity Kits™

Sherman Roto Tank is committed to delivering chemical packaging that safeguards the integrity of your products. Our tailored packaging and accessory solutions foster a secure, closed environment that effectively mitigates fallout, ensuring your chemicals remain in optimal condition.

In many cases, utilizing low-pressure accessories specifically designed for plastic totes and creating a closed environment significantly improves product integrity.

But we don't just stop at products. At Sherman Roto Tank, we embrace a comprehensive "product integrity" approach. We recognize that not all tanks and accessories are a perfect fit for certain chemical compositions (see our chemical resistance rates). Therefore, our dedicated team will collaborate with you to select the ideal combination of products tailored to your specific needs. This approach aims to lessen the likelihood of field issues while maximizing your return on investment.

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Embracing the Future with Advanced Technologies

As we navigate through an era of unprecedented technological advancement, Sherman Roto Tank continues to pioneer solutions that merge chemical packaging and material handling with automation, sensor technology, 5G, satellite Wi-Fi, remote communication, and blockchain billing.

Our commitment to harnessing the potential of these converging technologies empowers us to bring operational efficiencies and new KPIs to the forefront of the Oil & Gas industry.

Houston-Based, Globally Recognized

Located in Houston, we've built an extensive network of relationships within the Oil & Gas sector, including pump manufacturers, automation manufacturers, chemical service providers, operators, and subcontractors. Our wide footprint, coupled with our understanding of supply chain intricacies, enables us to offer guidance on the most cost-effective deployment of standardized equipment.

Discover the Sherman Roto Tank difference today – your strategic partner for leading edge roto-molding services in the Oil & Gas industry.